Cladco Metile ®

Superb tile effect metal roof cladding

Metile provides an efficient way to create a traditional roof appearance with the benefits of a modern steel roof.

It has many advantages - light in weight, fast and simple to fit, a wide choice of colours, metal thickness and tile gauges delivered to site cut to size in lengths up to 8 metres with a cover width of 1 metre.

Its lightweight makes metile ideal for over roofing or flat to pitch conversions. Metile's appearance and low maintenance make it an ideal product for schools, mobile homes, hospitals, public, domestic and retail buildings. If vandalism is a concern metile is available in 0.9mm thick steel for added security.

Flashings and accessories

A full range of made to measure flashings are available with eaves fillers, fixings, sealants, gutters and roof safety access systems.

Colours and coatings

The standard coating is plastisol but polyester, PVF2 and Polyurethane are also available in the full colour range associated with metal cladding

Insulated Roofs

Metile is totally compatible with the Cladco range of liner panels and cladgrid spacer systems to provide built-up incombustible Roof constructions to current thermal insulation requirements with low insurance premiums.


To ensure a guaranteed long service life all coatings are applied to 275gram galvanised steel or AZ150 aluzinc. Guarantees of up to 25 years are available with total life expectancy of approximately 40 years.

Tile gauge and sheet lengths

350mm is the standard tile gauge. Gauges can be varied from 275mm to 450mm to suit the roof area and aesthetics. The maximum sheet length is 6 metres. For larger roof areas this can be extended to 8 metres.

Tile thickness

0.7mm is the normal thickness for industrial commercial and domestic applications.
0.5mm is useful when weight is a major concern, e.g. mobile homes and chalets
0.9mm is suitable for use when anti vandalism is a requirement.

Tile Weights

Metile is only 10% to 15% of the weight of conventional tiles.

Thickness: 0.5mm Weight: 6kgms/m2
Thickness: 0.7mrn Weight: 8kgms/m2
Thickness: 0.9mm Weight: l0kgms/m2

The preferred minimum roof pitch is 10 degrees but with care, 5 degrees is possible. Metile can also be laid vertically.


0.9mm thick tiles will span 1.4metres
0.7mm thick tiles will span twice the tile gauge. The standard span is therefore 700mm
0.5mm thick tlles require support at each tile length (gauge)

installing metile sheeting to a roof installation of metile complete

metile sheeting is very versatile

installation of metile complete