Fibre Cement roof sheets

Fibre Cement roof cladding

Produced in the traditional 6" UK profile with 6 corrugations and overlaps / underlaps on both sides of the sheet, Fibre Cement is available in three colouration types, all with matching accessories; traditional grey fibre-cement corrugated sheet, 'pre-weathered' matt black fibre-cement corrugated sheet and and coloured corrugated sheet incorporating our unique 3 stage coating process.

Translucent rooflights are available in most common sheet lengths. They are used to provide natural illumination to the interior. These fragile sheets must be fixed correctly complying to British Standards and Health and Safety recommendations to reduce the risks of falls from height. Sheets must be fixed through each corrugation at every purlin. Side laps must be stitched to adjacent sheets at max 450mm centres.

red roof sheet
Tile Red
spanish red roof sheet
Soanish Red
green roof sheet
Laurel Green
olive green roof sheet
Olive Green
mocca roof sheet
brown roofing sheet
Van Dyke Brown
grey roofing sheet
Cloud Grey
blue roofing sheet
blue / black roofing sheet
Blue / Black
black roofing sheet

Fibre Cement Roofing Accessories

barge board
Barge Board

Roll Top Bargeboard
Roll Top Bargeboard

One Piece Finial
One-piece Finial

Cranked Barge Board
Cranked Barge Board

Cranked Roll Top BargeBoard
Cranked Roll Top BargeBoard
Two Piece Roll Top Finial
Two Piece Roll Top Finial

cranked crown ridge
Cranked Crown Ridge

two piece close fitting ridge
Two Piece Close Fitting Ridge
two piece plain wing ridge
Two Piece Plain Wing Ridge
Cranked Crown Ventilation Ridge
Cranked Crown Ventilation Ridge
two piece ventilation ridge
Two Piece Ventilation Ridge
open protected ridge
Open Protected Ridge

plain wing angle ridge
Plain Wing Angle Ridge

movement joint
Movement Joint

apron flashing piece
Apron Flashing Piece

GRP Eaves Closer
GRP Eaves Closer

GPR Eaves Filler
GPR Eaves Filler

Technical Information
Overall width 1086mm
Net covering width 1016mm
Thickness ( nominal ) 6.0mm
Density ( nominal ) 1700kg/m3
Pitch of corrugations 146.5mm
Overall depth 54mm
Side lap 70mm
Minimum end lap 150mm
Maximum purlin centres 1375mm
Maximum rail centres 1825mm
Maximum unsupported overhang 350mm
Approximate weight of roof as laid,
with 150mm end laps, single skin including fixings
Minimum pitch 5deg
Available Roofing Sheet Lengths
Sheet Length Width Translucent Sheet Width trimmed for
spaced roofing
1375mm (4'6") 1086mm N 1000mm
1525mm (5') 1086mm Y 1000mm
1675mm (5'6") 1086mm Y 1000mm
1825mm (6') 1086mm N 1000mm
1975mm (6'6") 1086mm Y 1000mm
2125mm (7') 1086mm N 1000mm
2275mm (7'6") 1086mm N 1000mm
2440mm (8') 1086mm Y 1000mm
2600mm (8'6") 1086mm Y 1000mm
2750mm (9') 1086mm Y 1000mm
2900mm (9'6") 1086mm Y 1000mm
3050mm (10') 1086mm Y 1000mm
3660mm (12') 1086mm Y 1000mm